Amélioration du microphone


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modification des capsules ECM - ECM modification

modification du circuit imprimé - PCB modification

modification de l'alimentation - PSU modification

Nouveau boitier - new enclosure


Modification des capsules ECM

1) Capsule d'origine



Capsule après destruction de la trace au cutter - ECM after trace destruction (use a cutter or scalpel)



Capsule après soudage de Tab3 sur la masse - ECM after soldering of Tab3 on ground


The best solution is to solder Tab3 on Tab0, because both parts are ready to solder, while the ECM ground is made of Aluminium, which is almost impossible to solder. However, you need a really small soldering iron to achieve this ! You can also do like I did : melt much solder on the back, and pray for it to make some contact between Tab3 and the ECM ground. This is a bad solution and I sometimes experience some faulty contact.